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The link is meetings: the skill and speed to take minutes, the focus to drive things forward as chairperson, the ability to write persuasive reports to help decision-makers made decisions and the communication skills to actively demonstrate confidence and competence at work.

These are not sit-and-watch presentations, they are hands-on, practical development of skills; training that is based in the day-to-day reality to ensure that participants are able to transfer their learning to the workplace.

All training sessions are led by trainers who have 'been there, done that' so they bring a real understanding of the problems delegates face and practical experience in finding workable solutions. Delegates are encouraged to raise issues, ask questions and discuss problems through the training and are welcome to contact their trainer after the event if they need further help.


Most people who behave aggressively aren't out to get you, they are just focused on what they want and forget the niceties; don't take it personally.

Joanna is excellent - my second training day with her and by far the most skilled experienced trainer used/employed by the PCT. Very impressed by her ability to adapt to the range of confidence, skills and within the group
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Minutes Made Easy
2 April 2020, Edinburgh

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