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People make a judgement of your character and competence based on a first impression. As you talk, you will help them understand if you communicate with an interesting delivery and appropriate voice tone, free of unnecessary distractions.

Readability is the term for these non-verbal aspects when writing. Your reader will form an initial judgement based on the first appearance; voice tone is achieved by punctuation - every dot and squiggle of the punctuation code gives the inflection you achieve with your voice when speaking. Finally, where a poor presentation will offer opportunities to be distracted by the arrival of an email, or need for coffee, a good presentation will encourage the reader to read on.

This book gives every rule for each punctuation mark with examples to help you understand and use them correctly. There is guidance on how to present anything you write covering margins, spacing, font, paragraph length and correct use of capitals as well has how to present tables and which chart or graph to use.



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