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if you are going to cope in tricky situations (eg asking for an explanation in a meeting, saying no or getting a difficult person to take the action you want), you will find it far easier if you are generally perceived as confident and competent - as having natural authority. This practical, hands-on, self-help guide will help you build self-confidence, develop an assertive communication style and reduce stress. The book is divided into four sections:

Assertive behaviour - passive, aggressive and assertive styles, the effect on the people and the situation. Identify how you behave and how some simple changes would significantly improve your communication.
Project the right image - how to be seen as competent, self-confident, positive, calm and controlled by those around you.
Create a great impression in a variety of situations - be seen and heard when you are saying no, dealing with interpersonal problems, in meetings, in conversation, at interviews or giving a presentation.
Time for me - building in time and opportunity for a little self-respect and care, planning how to develop your confidence in the future.


See Me By Joanna Gutmann

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