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If you've attended the speedwriting training session, you will find this dictionary an invaluable support as you develop your skills.

more than 5000 commonly-used words;
lists of words by superscript to represent a prefix/suffix, as well as by subscript for 'ch', 'sh' and 'th';
300 words that will help with note-taking in meetings;

If you are looking to learn the speedwriting system, you should attend the one-day course to build your skills, or you can buy the textbook from


Speedwriting Dictionary By Joanna Gutmann

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Learn the speedwriting system in a day, then develop it at your own pace.
The days of 'Dear sir, thank you for your letter' may have long gone, but the need to write fast remains. Whether minuting a meeting, taking a phone message or noting instructions, a structured approach to writing fast will save time.
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