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books: Taking Minutes of Meetings

Practical advice on everything a minute-taker needs to know from a leading trainer. Guidance on every stage from setting up the meeting to despatch of the final minutes. 

guidance on setting up a meeting and ensuring the administration is effective;
preparing an agenda to guide the chairperson, give structure to the meeting and achieve useful outcomes;
the purpose of the sections of the meeting so that information is minuted in the correct place and irrelevant detail ignored;
the minute-taker's role in the meeting, working effectively with the chairperson, creating a professional impression;
listening for key points and accurate note-taking;
identifying actions and outcomes and minuting them accurately;
turning the notes into useful minutes;
styles of minutes and their uses;
presentation and layout of minutes;
minuting different typs of meeting;
use of laptop and other electronic aids;
guidance on the Freedom of Information Act and its impact on minutes.

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Minutes Made Easy
One-day training course, hands-on, practical skills development
Anyone can be called on to take minutes and most people get ‘thrown in the deep end’.  Give your minute-takers the skills and confidence to take relevant notes and to present them as useful minutes.
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