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course: write right!

The mechanics of writing is an area which causes problems for staff at all levels and in any discipline. Either school was some time ago and the principles of writing long-forgotten or, more commonly, the subject was not taught at all. When letters and reports have to be written problems can arise. Despite the flexibility of English, grammar, punctuation and syntax all serve a useful purpose. In addition, the drive towards plain English has an impact on all business writing. This course gives practical experience and simple guidelines to help anyone write more clearly.

Course content
Common faults with sentences and paragraphs and their construction.
Punctuating for ease of understanding.
Useful rules for all the punctuation marks.
Writing accurately and clearly.
Giving precise and full information
Recognising and avoiding jargon.
Clarifying common confusions (eg affect/effect, practice/practise, their/there, its/it's)

Who should attend?
Anyone who wants to improve their use of everyday English.

Practical, hands-on exercises to develop skills

Duration: one day (usually 9.30-4.30)
Breaks: 11.00 / 2.45
All course handouts, detailed reference notes and stationery are provided
Minimum of six delegates, maximum of twelve

At your office

If you have more than six who would benefit from the training (maximum of 12), an in-house course is the most cost-effective way of developing your colleagues' skills.  You only need to provide the room and a flipchart.
More information on running a minute-taking course at your office

a book or a mousemat?

If you'd like some help with your writing, Pocket Punctuation will give you the rules and guidelines for every mark with simple, clear examples tips for punctuating correctly. Alernatively, the punctuation mousemat gives summary guidance for the tricky marks 'at your fingertips'
Information on Pocket Punctuation and the punctuation mousemat

Jo has helped me realise that a task I dreaded every month can actually be done a lot easier, quicker and more effectively. She's armed me with lots of tools to show that I'm not just the minute-taker
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