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Many people are aware that they don’t stand up for themselves when they feel they should, or they try to but end up backing down or becoming aggressive.  Assertiveness is a word that’s often used, generally understood but not so easy to practise, this course offers a start in developing the skill.

Course content

The premise on which assertiveness is based; the various styles of behaviour and their effects.

Assertive communication in practice; verbal and non verbal behaviour; looking the part; small steps to assertiveness.
Asking clearly and precisely; deciding when to say “no” (and what the alternatives are”); avoiding unnecessary apology; practice!
Identifying areas for improvement; planning step changes to develop an assertive approach; maintaining a positive attitude.

Who should attend?
Anyone who wishes to develop an assertive communication style.

A mix of syndicate exercises and discussion

Duration: one day (usually 9.30-4.30)
Breaks: 11.00 / 2.45
All course handouts, detailed reference notes and stationery are provided
Minimum of six delegates, maximum of twelve



At your office

If you have more than six who would benefit from the training (maximum of 12), an in-house course is the most cost-effective way of developing your colleagues' skills.  You only need to provide the room and a flipchart.
More information on running a minute-taking course at your office

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Joanna was excellent, calming, knowledgeable and had an understanding and, being from an admin/secretarial background appreciated what us PAs are challenged with.
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