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I remain committed to respecting and protecting your personal privacy and take responsibility for storing it and using it in a lawful way.

I hold client's name, email and postal addresses and telephone number, together with details of any courses (subject and date) I have run for your organisation for the last five years.  These are held in a ‘OneDrive’ cloud account which is password protected; we subscribe to a high-quality virus program and screen regularly using VPN protection when away from the office wifi.

Your data has been saved from our business dealings or where we have been in communication in the past we do not buy mailing lists.  We use your data in the context of our business relationship and to advise you of new courses and publications or updates to existing ones.

I will never share your data with, nor send information on behalf of, any third party. 

I have social media pages on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and your privacy if following me on any of these is the platform provider.

You are welcome to contact me at any time to request amendment to, or removal of, your data.

We are often privy to information that is sensitive on a variety of levels and we are careful to maintain confidentiality at all times.  Where information is shared in preparation for a course it is always securely destroyed as soon as work is completed.

We operate a 'said in the room, stays in the room' approach to give delegates the confidence to share their concerns honestly.  Feedback given to the client, is limited to general comments and any issues that the delegates want raised on their behalf.

Delegate email address are taken so that handouts and certificates can be sent, together with a post-course reminder of key learning points.  A fortnightly emailed version of the Twitter 'tip' is sent to those who request it.  Delegate addresses are stored securely, are not accessible from mobile devices and are never shared with any third party for any reason.  No information is sent on behalf of other individuals or organisations.


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